I will proofread, edit your work today


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We will proofread and edit your document, booklet, brochure, or novel.

With our eagle eye, we will look at it afresh and thoroughly correct all errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Yes. All of them. 100 percent.

We will also tweak any awkward phrases to improve flow and readability (but it will still be your voice, your style, your work. 100 percent).

Do you want value for money?
That’s what you will get from me. 100 percent.

I will send you 3 documents:

1. Your original, with errors HIGHLIGHTED by me.

2. The amended version, with TRACK CHANGES and COMMENTS.

3. A CLEAN version, the finished product, good to go!

If you’re still reading this, We just know you’re the kind of writer who’ll be satisfied with nothing less than 100 percent.

Tell me exactly what you want.

Thank you.

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