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Everyone knows that word of mouth can go a long way in advertising. For a budding author, this can be even more true. My website, Tellest, is an ever-growing resource for the fantasy storyteller.  We will promote your story on my blog, including a look at your front cover and your book’s description.  We will also spread the word to my social media outlets.

We also provide an interview as a gig extra. This will typically be a series of three sessions of questions. There will be between three to five questions for each session.

Please be aware that the time that’s added to this extra is also to accommodate some space between interviews. They work best when the site isn’t saturated with them, and this will give you the best exposure.

Contact us in advance to find out more!

Note: We do not promote erotica; We use Amazon affiliate links for tracking and analytics if you do not want me to use an affiliate link you may let us know at any time and I will use a provided link instead.

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