I will promote and market your free book on our website


Sam, we need a short description here.

✔️ Basic Site Placement
⏱️ 14 Days Delivery

We are the legendary bknights team with over 14,000 positive reviews. Check it out! This service is for website and newsletter placement  NOT social media posting of any kind

I am an author and consultant with over 5 years of promoting my own works and the works of others. We will work with our team to market your ebook on our site that has over 5,500 daily unique visits during your FREE promo!

Our list was created from organic links and traffic throughout our numerous email newsletters and sign up links. This list was hand-built over 2+ years with links through our own works and double opt-in list building through Mailchimp.

Our list of readers are looking for the best free and discounted books available each day. We recommend ordering this gig 48 hours before your promo period begins

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