I will promote and advertise your kickstarter or indiegogo crowdfunding campaign


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We will promote, advertise, and market your Indiegogo or Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on my radio podcast network & social media.

Indiegogo or Kickstarter only

We do not guarantee donations but do guarantee real and organic impressions/clicks, traffic amounts vary.

You will get 1 ad slot at 60 seconds (1 Minute) on an episode of ‘DTong Radio’ (includes show page backlink), & we will also post your link/message to my Facebook/Twitter for even more reach/exposure!

If you don’t have your own audio to submit, We will create the voiceover for you, & deliver a professional mp3 copy that you can use anywhere in your promotions or on other podcasts/radio shows!

  1. Our podcast receives 100,000+ monthly listeners on multiple platforms including iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Stitcher, Spreaker, Periscope TV, etc…
  2. The social network of Facebook page & Twitter 43,000+
  3. We are followed on Twitter by many crowdfunding enthusiasts & supporters, also added to dozens of crowdfunding lists.
  4. We have helped promote many successful crowdfunding campaigns on both Indiegogo & Kickstarter alike.



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