I will professionally repair edit and process your audio file


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We will professionally repair, edit, master and process your audio file (podcast, Voiceover, Audiobook) up to 5 minutes long.

Each additional 5 minutes of audio will cost extra.

Services I provide:

  1. Background noise reduction
  2. Static noise, hiss, hum, buzz removal
  3. Clicks and crackles removal
  4. Normalizing the volume of the recording
  5. Processing by EQ and compressor
  6. 320Kbps Mp3 audio file
  7. Mix with background music or SFX (extra cost)
  8. De-breath audio file (extra cost)
  9. HQ WAV Audio file (extra cost)
  10. Provide Multiple files (extra cost)

If your file consists from multiple recordings/scenes or you have many similar files, please contact me for the quote.

Please, send me your file before ordering a service, so we can analyze it and make a sample for you free of charge.

We look forward to working with you, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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