I will professionally narrate your audiobook or elearning module


Sam, we need a short description here.

⏱️2 Days Delivery
✔️Number of words: 500


We are a professional VO actor and storyteller and can produce a wide range of tones. A message with the specifics of your project before placing your order so I can produce the best results.

Professional Studio & Equipment for High-Quality results.

Contact us for timing & pricing of:

  1. Priority delivery or Rush delivery (price depends on the size of your script, the delivery and price of a 1000 word script is not the same price as that of a 10,000 word, for example)
  2. Specific standards required by your publisher or yourself
  3. Proof-reading of the script (price depends on the size of your script)
  4. Or any other questions you may have for us, we are happy to be of help.
  5. There are now 2 types of Commercial/Broadcast Use. Commercial use is usually for any business-related project – videos played in offices, etc. For obvious reasons, the license is higher for TV, Radio, Internet & Audio Book use.

Each project has to be ordered separately.

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