I will professionally edit your dialogue audio recording


Sam, we need a short description here.

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In the world of editing, technical know-how and technical know well has a lot role to play. We are a master of my skills. Bring your audio files and we will edit as requested. We will do any, and not limited to the following.


  1. Boost volume levels
  2. Manually do vocal leveling
  3. Normalization
  4. Compression
  5. Merge audio files
  6. Cut out the unwanted part of an audio
  7. Add/Mix in background music
  8. Convert from one file format to another
  9. Extract audio from video
  10. ID3 Tags
  11. Voice mixing
  12. Edit your voicemail
  13. Boost vocal
  14. Join audio files in one mp3 or wave format
  15. Loop
  16. Music censoring for radio broadcast


And so much more we can do.

Looking forward to having an amazing working relationship with you.


Thank you.



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