I will mix your christian music to sound like bethel


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FOH mixing experience everywhere from mega-churches to local churches for 10+ years – Professional studio mixing for 7+ years.

Biggest Clients/Employers Include:

  1. The Compass Church (Naperville, IL)
  2. Grace Community Church (Noblesville, IN)
  3. Wheaton Bible Church (Wheaton, IL)
  4. Wheaton Academy Theater & Worship (West Chicago, IL)
  5. Lighthouse Church (Denver, CO)

Clients must reach out to us before ordering, so we can check your files (and content) and approve them looking forward to hearing your mix.

We will mix your tracks using the same pro gear & with the same top quality that we use for the biggest churches.

All songs must be under 5 minutes – if longer message me for pricing


What we need:

  1. Audio tracks/stems in any of these formats: WAV/AIFF/MP3
  2. Export & send your audio tracks dry, no compression, fx, etc
  3. I accept LOGIC PRO X sessions
  4. Quality recordings (the better the recordings, the better the end mix)


  1. We can Auto-Tune, Pitch Correction/Melodyne
  2. We can do Drum Replacement/Triggeringwith Steven Slate Trigger 2!
  3. Feel free to message me with any questions & or special requests!


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MIX & MASTER (6 Stems), MIX & MASTER (up to 12 Stems), MIX & MASTER (up to 20 Stems)

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