I will mix your christian music to sound like bethel


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FOH mixing experience everywhere from mega-churches to local churches for 10+ years – Professional studio mixing for 7+ years.

Biggest Clients/Employers Include:
– The Compass Church (Naperville, IL)
– Grace Community Church (Noblesville, IN)
– Wheaton Bible Church (Wheaton, IL)
– Wheaton Academy Theater & Worship (West Chicago, IL)
– Lighthouse Church (Denver, CO)

**CLIENTS** MUST REACH OUT TO ME BEFORE ORDERING, so I can check your files (and content) and approve them** Looking forward to hearing your mix!

I’ll mix your tracks using the same pro gear & with the same top quality that I use for the biggest churches.

ALL SONGS MUST BE UNDER 5 MINUTES – if longer message me for pricing


  • Audio tracks/stems in any of these formats: WAV/AIFF/MP3
  • Export & send your audio tracks dry, no compression, fx, etc
  • I accept LOGIC PRO X sessions
  • Quality recordings (the better the recordings, the better the end mix)

– I can Auto-Tune, Pitch Correction/Melodyne

– I can do Drum Replacement/Triggering with Steven Slate Trigger 2!

– Feel free to message me with any questions & or special requests!

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