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A little bit about me:

I’ve been a sound engineer for 10 years. I’ve done music production, sound design, editing, mixing, mastering, and restoration for everything from theatrically released films, national broadcast TV,  documentaries, even museum installations – basically everything and anything that comes through my city. My work has represented brands such as Coca Cola, Honda, 7-eleven, AIA, Ambi Pur, Codorniu and many more!

I work from a treated 2.1 facility with DSP calibrated Adam monitors and sub. I always check my mixes to make sure they sound great on headphones as well, using a Sennheiser HD800 with a Grace Design amp and Sonarworks Reference 4.1 with a custom calibration file.

I’m very passionate about customer service and I want to make sure that each client has a good experience working with me. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

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