I will manage your product and industrial design project


Sam, we need a short description here.

✔️ From the idea to the final product. (Price will vary according to your specific project)
⏱️ 8 Days Delivery
✔️ 1 Revision
✔️ Source File

We will help you to transform your idea into a solid project ready to manufacturing.
From the beginning of the creative process to an actual successful product.
With 10 years of experience in product design, We will bring you results beyond your expectations.

Working with us, you will get some original and exclusive initial concept sketches, high quality 3D models, realistics renders, technical files (Blueprints & 3D source files), and above all, a very efficient and relevant consulting service in product design.
It’s far more valuable than just a 3D modeling job.
It will bring forward your whole business project.

The price will vary according to the complexity of the design of the product, the elements you need, the schedule, etc. 250usd 1 day of work

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