I will give you 45 mins facebook marketing consulting


Sam, we need a short description here.

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Are you running Facebook Campaigns without getting the desired results?

Are you losing a bunch of money in the process?

Do you want to generate a constant stream of leads, sales, and customers for your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is clear you need a new Strategy.

We have been running Facebook ads for more than 100 clients in the past 5 years. Today we are here to help you in your marketing efforts via Skype consultation


What will happen during the call?

  1. You will describe your BUSINESS and your GOALS;
  2. We will look at your Facebook campaigns together;
  3. We will advise on the best Facebook marketing strategy for your business;
  4. Then we will discuss my suggestions to ensure you fully understand and can implement it;


Take out your pen and paper and let´s unlock the Facebook code so you start to generate a constant stream of leads, sales, and customers.

Remember that this service is based on a Skype call and we will need to ask you in the order page your Skypename.

Did you know that Facebook has over 1.4 billion people on it? That means that your customers are likely there too. So order now.

Thank you.


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