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We offer professional audio/ podcast editing services. Most importantly, We are interested in keeping shows consistent and growing not only in its listener-ships, but also the directions of where the shows are headed.

What can we do on your audio/ podcast?

  1. Remove filler words from audio, in order to make the conservation as smooth as possible – filler words like ; “um”, “uh”, “er”, “ah”, “like”, “okay”, “right”, “you know”, etc.
  2. Remove stutters and repeated words
  3. Reduce or completely take out background noise
  4. Add supplied intro, outro, background music and other elements to produce your podcast
  5. Level out voices. I balance the audio levels, so that host does not speak louder that the guest(s) vice versa
  6. Master the audio so it sounds crispier
  7. Cut and merge audios
  8. Take out mouth clicks

Basically, We remove anything undesirable from your audio or podcast to make it standard for Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, your website, Radio etc.

We edit any length of audio, but charge $10 for up to 15 minutes of audio.

Kindly contact us, as each project is unique, so we can discuss before you order.


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