I will edit audio for podcasts, and radio


Sam, we need a short description here!

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You can submit your episode, intro and outro.  We will put the 3 parts together and balance overall levels.

  1. $15.00 for 0-30 minutes.
  2. $20.00 for 0-60 minutes.
  3. $30.00 for 60-90 minutes

Submit the files for your edit and list the files by file name in the order that they need to be used.

  1. You can submit edits with time stamps.  Edits are $1.00 each.
  2. List the edits next to the file names on your list.
  3. We can add additional parts.  They are $1.00 each.
  4. If I need to listen real time, find and correct problems, it is $3 per minute of audio.

We are able to help minimize constant noise like fans, hums, hiss.  The noise reduction is $15.00 for every 30 minutes of audio. (90 minute recording is $30.00)  we are not able to remove voice echo, “P” popping, microphone distortion, or items like telephone ringing or doors slamming.

Please identify in the order if you need any type of noise reduction.

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