I will edit and master your audio, podcast or sound recordings with audacity fast


Sam, we need a short description here!

✔️All spoken word formats
✔️5 minutes for $10, 10 minutes for $15, 15 minutes for $20, etc mastered and edited to high quality.
⏱️2 Days Delivery
✔️2 Revisions
✔️Up to 5 Minutes


Hi there,

We specialise in editing raw spoken word, such as podcasts, audiobooks, voice overs and e-learning materials, but will also occasionally edit and master music audio. We will supply the masters in wav, mp3, or any other format you require!

We currently edit for a number of authors, examples of which can be found in our portfolio. We are a professional voice over artist and we edit our own work.

We can also improve the quality of your recordings. And we can produce sound effects via Audacity.

Please note the following before you order:

  1. Background sound removal is only achievable with hum/hiss etc, not with wind, crowds or fluctuating sounds
  2. If you are sending me an .aup file, please don’t forget to include the Project Data File. The .aup won’t work without it.
  3. Sending .wav, .mp3 or other formats doesn’t require the above and the files can just be sent to me as they are.

If you would like to hear examples of our work, please visit:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfLnQUv7Ou-mh6U_tpMv77g

If you need any other advice please don’t hesitate to contact us – whatever the quality of your sound recording.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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