I will edit and master 1hr of your audiobook to pass acx standard


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For a consistent listening experience, ACX requires that all audiobooks meet specific standards of audio level and editing transparency, and this can be quite hard to get right

With many years in audio and having successfully processed many audiobooks to ACX standard, We can help you achieve this

We have 3 packages

Basic: This is taking your edited and prepared files, using noise reduction, compression, gating, and equalization techniques processing them as the correct Mp3 format to meet ACX technical requirements.

Standard: This is the same as basic, but working with your edited file and splitting them correctly into chapters, with the correct amount of room tone at the beginning and the end, and also creating a retail sample

Premium: Just leave it to me!! All you need to worry about is the narrating. We will fully edit, remove noises, excess breaths, master, split into chapters, and export in the correct MP3 format to ensure your book passes every ACX requirement

The prices of my packages are for 60 minutes of audio. We will need a manuscript of your book for the premium and standard package.

Thank you.

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