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We are a professional Sound Designer and Sound Mixer. We will edit, mix, and master your audio with careful techniques. We will remove noise from your audio, normalize it, and make a clean track.

New clients: Please send us an RAW audio file

What we Do:

  1. Audio Editing
  2. Mixing and Mastering
  3. Sound Effects (SFX)
  4. Audio Noise Removal
  5. Audio Sync with Video

Recommended Audio Formats:

  1. WAV
  2. AAC
  3. FLAC
  4. AIFF
  5. WMA
  6. MP3

What Software (DAW) we Use:

  1. Logic Pro X
  2. Cubase
  3. Ableton Live
  4. Avid Pro Tools
  5. Plural Eyes (Additional)

We will deliver your order in the shortest time possible. Each and every client is valuable to us.

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