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Keyword research is one of 3 important SEO factors along with link building and content marketing.

This SEO Keyword Research helps you to prove the Low Competitive, High-Converting, and Best CPC kws.

Why should you take this gig?

With having more than 5 years experience, I can guarantee you will get an awesome experience. My buyer’s reviews have proven it.

What will you get from this SEO Keyword Research Gig?

☛☛ Up to 100/200/500 Longtail Kws (KWs may be more or less depends on niche)

☛☛ These are Golden keywords with low competition

☛☛ The search volume of each kw

☛☛  High CPC

☛☛ Secret and hidden kws of your competitors

☛☛ Awesome kws which can rank on Google easily

☛☛ Powerful kws for global campaigns or local business

☛☛ The report will be provided in Excel file format

☛☛ The 24 hours service is also available.

If you want a service which is not listed here please contact me as I might be able to help you easily.

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