I will do proofreading and editing, proofreading, book editing


Sam, we need a short description here

✔️ I will proofread and edit up to 1000 words. Excellent proofreading and editing
⏱️ 1 Day Delivery
✔️ Unlimited Revisions
✔️ Grammar & Syntax Review
✔️ Fact Checking
✔️ Structural Edit
✔️ Print Layout
✔️ Feedback
✔️ Number of words 1000

This service is to Proofread, Edit, and Correct English Grammar Professionally.
Why is proofreading important?
Getting copy wrong can be a costly error. Not only can a misplaced comma change the meaning of a piece of writing (people have won lawsuits because of this), but it can negatively affect how potential customers see your business.

We accept all editable document no matter the size

We will fix and perfect
1. Spelling
2. Grammar
3. Punctuation
4. Consistency
5. Readability
6. Clarity & flow
7. Incorrect word usage
8. Poor sentence structure
9. Tenses

We do work on
1. Novels
2. Fiction
3. Non-Fiction
4. Cookbooks
5. Motivational
6. Religious
7. Journals
8. Books
9. Manuscripts
10. Website contents
11. Blog posts
12. Essay
13. Erotic books and lots more.
We will submit one document with Microsoft track changes to show you the work we have done and a clean copy that you can work with.

Let a professional PROOFREADER and BOOK EDITOR handle your project.

Thank you

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