I will do organic promotion of your facebook page or group


Sam, we need a short description here.

✔️ Organic Page/Group Facebook Promotion to REAL and Active Users Leading to Amazing Results
⏱️ 5 Days Delivery
✔️ Page/Channel Evaluation
✔️ Full-Time Engagement


If you are looking for top-notch Facebook Promotion for your business or for yourself look no further. Being affiliated with numerous people on Facebook can bestow some marvelous opportunities leading to an establishment of an authority figures in your market.



  1. Worldwide audience
  2. Real and organic service
  3. No need of your password


What can you expect with the exposure you will get? 

  1. Increase your page/group likes
  2. Potential shares from your audience
  3. Increase exposure for your potential sales
  4. Enhancement of organic reach


If you want to order for a group you must tick the extra option (default is for a page).


Utilize this service to get 

  1. Enhanced Social Image
  2. Traction on your property because people tend to like or join populated pages or groups
  3. Facebook search engine appears your property above others


Targeted traffic is not possible for such a low amount of money. Do not order this if you want to target niche/gender/country.

This is not a lead generation gig of buying intent.

Since we have to get this question a lot: Average members of all my campaigns so far are 320 (depends on your content).

For Instagram check out the equivalent of this service in my profile.


Thank you.

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