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Are you getting frustrated with keyword research (KW)? Overwhelmed with SEO Jargon? Not sure what the next step is?

  1. Well, look no further because we have all your Keyword research needs. We are going to keep things simple and direct. If you want to be ranked on the 1st page, you need to know what people search otherwise you’re wasting your time with search engines.
  2. Getting your post to rank is difficult especially if you’re just starting out because there are literally billions of keywords to choose from ranging from high to low keyword difficulty at google’s whim. Luckily, that won’t be the case as I will simplify your SEO keyword strategy so you can see results fast organically and/or thru PPC (Google Ads).

Depending on the package, our gig includes:

  1. Keyword Report
  2. Hand-selected terms
  3. Transactional & Informational Search Queries
  4. Sortable, filterable, and customizable
  5. Long-Tail Keywords
  6. Competitor Analysis
  7. Website Traffic
  8. Your Competitor’s Top keywords
  9. Backlinks Report
  10. Overview
  11. Backlinks List
  12. Steal your Comp’s backlinks!

If you’re tired of all the fluff and want results. If you know time is of the essence, what are you waiting for? Click Order Now to make big moves today!

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