I will do data mining, web scraping, data analytics, sentiment analysis


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✔️Web Mining and Analytics, Web scraping, Social media Sentiment analysis, Sports Data analytics
⏱️2 Days Delivery
✔️1 Revision
✔️5 Pages Mined/Scraped
✔️5 Sources mined/scraped


This Gig will provide the Web Analytics and Mining services using R and Python languages:

Text and Web Mining:

  1. Preprocessing and cleaning data
  2. Content extraction • Searching and fuzzy string matching
  3. Clustering text
  4. Classification, categorization, and tagging using Machine Learning Algorithms
  5. To measure the effectiveness of an information retrieval system using Precision and Recall

Scraping Data from Web Sites:

  1. Scraping: By API
  2. Scraping: By Looking for Info on Web Pages
  3. Data presentation on Shinny APP

Social networking service:

  1. Data mining and analysis of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc)
  2. Sentiment Analysis

Data Visualization:

  1. Data Visualization using good visualization principles
  2. ggplots
  3. Google plots (Line, Bar, Column, scatter, etc)
  4. World Clouds


  1. Automation
  2. Website research
  3. Data Entry
  4. PDF to Word and vice versa (with or without formatting)
  5. PDF to Excel (copy-paste and web research)

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