I will do business analytics, web analytics and statistical analysis


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✔️ Data Visualization - Feature Analysis - Insights Generation - Business Recommendation
⏱️ 2 Days Delivery
✔️ 1 Revision


We have more than 6+ of corporate experience in Business Analytics and Data Analysis.

Analyzing your data to gather hidden insights that will help the business to make better decisions.

The analysis will be done in Excel/ R studio/ Python to create intuitive charts and visualizations to understand the business perform better.

Some examples of services that we offer:

  1. Data reading and cleaning
  2. Descriptive analysis (uni- and bi-variate/ cross-tab analysis)
  3. Prescriptive analysis
  4. Web Analytics (Google Analytics)
  5. Pivot tables
  6. Visualization (bar chart, scatter plot…)
  7. Regression analysis (linear, logistic, Poisson…)
  8. Dashboards (with pivots, slicers, and interactive graphs)
  9. Forecasting (moving average, exponential smoothing, etc.)

Below are the formulas that are covered:

  1. Sum/ Sumif
  2. Count/ Countif
  4. Index
  5. Match
  6. Text Pattern Matching (Left/ Right/ Mid)
  7. Search
  8. Replace

Looking forward to hearing from you and work with you!

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