I will do best music composition of all genre


Sam, we need a short description here.

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We will compose fresh music and songs. Just have to tell me the topic and get it done. Any kind of music using any kind of instrument can be composed. Music for cover songs is also provided…

You should know that all the packages describe themselves very well.

Answer the gigs questions carefully.

Please feel free to describe yourself. Music is about the soul. So never feel shy about discussing it with me,

Our service includes

Music mixing and mastering, composing, recomposing, re-mastering, Musical layers layered music, VST (Virtual Studio Technology) music.

You can select from these types and genres

  1. Rock
  2. Metal
  3. Rap
  4. Rnb
  5. Arabic
  6. Spanish
  7. Dance
  8. Trance
  9. Edm
  10. Dramatic
  11. Cinematic
  12. Happy
  13. Sad
  14. Energetic
  15. Loving
  16. Romantic
  17. Angry
  18. Horror
  19. Satisfied
  20. We have many musics that we have already made and we are ready to sell those tracks in cheap rates.

We are a metal specialist, so we can produce metal sub-genres including :

  1. Heavy Metal
  2. Thrash Metal
  3. Symphonic Metal
  4. Black Metal
  5. Death Metal
  6. Industrial Metal
  7. Stoner Metal
  8. Doom Metal
  9. Gothic Metal

Thank you.


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