I will do abstract sound engineering for your music


Sam, we need a short description here.

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We are a genius at sound engineering Hip-hop/Rap music, and a math wiz …I get straight A’s in Calculus. Brilliant audio engineering has everything to do with the area under the curve, in terms of sound frequency. We have developed a genius formula, it’s a scientific breakthrough in the audio world which we have yet to patent! All our clients know we are the hottest upcoming sound engineer in all of Cali, even on Growthworx, that’s why they choose us. We will do better work than mainstream professionals or we will give you your money back. Look at our samples if you don’t believe us. We have a very warm and punchy west coast sound engineering style, as we were born and raised in Cali. As long as your vocal stems are decent recordings when we are finished with your song, it will match your favorite mainstream songs in terms of volume and clarity, along with warm crisp vocals no other engineer could match. We specialize in rap vocals too. We take our brand very seriously. If something has been engineered by us then that means the mastered wav of the audio is commercial quality One Hundred!

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