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Send us a message before you order this gig for a free consultation session + a copy of our “crowdfunding success guide” 

Do you have a great project or idea, but lack of financial support seems to keep holding you back? If you are facing this dilemma you need not worry, we have been provided with platforms like Kickstarter, Gofundme, and Indiegogo where we have the opportunity to display these projects and get funded on the internet.

However, how your campaign is set up and presented goes a long way in determining its success. Your project should be well explained, your campaign page visually appealing and your pitch must be engaging to give potential backers a full understanding of your project.

This is where our services come in, with my in-depth knowledge of crowdfunding, we would help you create a successful crowdfunding campaign by:

  1. Auditing your existing campaign
  2. Providing you with a detailed action plan, backers email list, and Pre-Launch email swipes
  3. Writing an engaging pitch to attract backers
  4. Coming up with irresistible rewards

Order now and make your crowdfunding campaign a success.

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