I will critique or write your podcast intro script


Sam, we need a short description here.

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What should be in your intro?

Your podcast intro is your first impression.

With attention spans being shorter than ever, your first impression needs to serve both:

  1. Repeat listeners who could be put off by hearing the same long drawn out intro, and
  2. New listeners who may be turned off if the explanation is too vagueWe can help critique your script or even write one for you. At the forefront will be your branding & the personality of your brand (the vibe!), as well as calls to action, and any important elements you need to be included with a strict concentration on word economy.Sometimes, talking about yourself can be a challenge. That’s where the work of a 3rd party to elaborate on your ideas can be an advantage.So if you need a handcrafting your intro & outro messages, let me help further establish your brand’s personality.


Thank you

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