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We are an experienced digital marketing manager running 10+ projects simultaneously with a team of professionals in various online marketing services.

While on Growthworx, most people ask me for a one-time service first, my regular process for all websites is the following:


Analyze your site structure and content.

  1. Analyze all relevant keywords and based on the number of searches and their difficulty, we create the future website structure.
  2. Create 1-3 buyer/reader personas (the target audience of your site).
  3. Create a digital marketing strategy for 2-3 months (content strategy and ways to promote your company, SMM strategy and so on…)


Additional services:

  1. Analyze more narrow groups of keywords for the content keyword base.
  2. Create content for your website according to the rules of copywriting.
  3. Promote your website on social media, blog directories, forums…
  4. Work on link building and collaborate with influencers in your industry.
  5. Repeat 5-8 every week (or as often as the new post is needed).

We also work on Social Media Marketing and Google Ads campaigns

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