I will create verified facebook business manager with ad account


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  1. The most factor to run a good business as a drop shipper or marketer on Facebook is to have a good standing account and the most important is verified BM and clean ad account.
  2. We will fix this problem for you if Facebook requires your BM verification, then we are here to help you to be admin of a verified Facebook business manager including an ads account.
  3. The business manager has 1 ads account and can host a maximum of 5 ad accounts after.

You can run your comparing in a verified business manager as it has a higher trust ration that normal accounts.


My service is:

  1. Basic pack        = non verified business manager with ad account.
  2. Standard pack  = verified facebook business manager with ads account.
  3. Premium pack  = verified business manager with ads account and profile.


Note : Please contact us before, to choose what is the best pack that suits you.


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