I will create SEO optimized adsense micro niche site


Sam, we need a short description here.

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How Actually you will start making your money with your profitable micro-niche Adsense site or blog created by us.

What will we do:

  1. We will do Niche Research to find a highly profitable niche for your money-making site. Or you can suggest your niche.
  2. We will do completed Keyword Research to find easy to rank keyword that has 1500+ searches and a minimum $1 CPC. (Mostly I target key-word that have high CPC almost $10 to $20)
  3. After getting the main key-word we will find some more highly profitable spider keywords that will skyrocket your Adsense earnings and ranking of your micro niche site.
  4. We will find the exact match domain. (Note: We will just find the domain you have to buy the domain and hosting by yourself.)
  5. It will have SEO optimized articles on it depends on your Package. We will create a complete blog with About us, contact, and Privacy Policy Pages.
  6. Professional logo for your blog( as an over-delivery)

For off-page optimization, we can create a Facebook page, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Youtube.

Create a youtube channel and videos to give your website more authenticity.

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