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Below we compare the best online fundraising platforms by fees, features, and more.


Indiegogo works much like Kickstarter, but what makes it different is that you’re not limited to an all-or-nothing strategy, as it also allows for what it calls “flexible” funding.

  1. Zero set-up fee
  2. 5% overall platform charges
  3. 3-5% charges for PayPal transactions

Best for: Campaigns across a wide variety of industries with lower funding goals


Kickstarter is perhaps the best known of all the crowdfunding sites.

All or nothing

  1. 3-5% processing free from each pledge
  2. 5% fee from funding total if the campaign is successful

Best for: Creative projects like art, music, film, technology, etc.


For those looking to fund things that fall outside the gadget spectrum, GoFundMe has become a popular alternative

  1. Free to create and share the campaign
  2. 3% processing fee from each donation (USA & Canada)
  3. 5% fee from each donation

Best for: Personal causes and life-events (e.g. emergencies, education, medical treatment, sports teams, etc.)


  1. Crowdfunding Pitch
  2. Promotional Video
  3. Graphics/Pictures

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