I will create 10 unique business names with taglines


Sam, we need a short description here

✔️ I will create 10 business names, 10 taglines, with domain name search, and social media handles.
⏱️ 9 Days Delivery
✔️ 10 Business/Product Names
✔️ 10 Slogans Included
✔️ Social Media Handles
✔️ Domain Research



This service includes the following:

1. 10 Business Names
2. 10 Taglines (one for each business name)
3. 10 Social media usernames (my goal is to identify a username to match the suggested business name. If a match is not available. I will recommend a modified username.)

Please answer the following questions:

1. Who are your competitors?

2. What names have you considered already?

3. Do you want an Invented name? (Examples: Google and Hulu) These names are easier to trademark.

4. Do you want a Descriptive name? (Examples: ClearSkin and WholeFoods) These names can be challenging to trademark because they are descriptive.

5. How many letters should the name have?

6. How should the name sound?

7. What words should be avoided?

Thank you.

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