I will clean up and repair audio using advanced spectral editing


Sam, we need a short description here.

✔️I will solve whatever audio issues your recording might have, provided it is feasible.
⏱️3 Days Delivery

Important Note: Please send us a message before placing an order. ?

Due to huge variation in workload between projects, this gig is Custom Offer-only.

The gig price on display is only meant to discourage direct orders.


So you have a recording with issues like:


  1. Background noise, hum
  2. Clicks, sibilants & plosives (microphone PUHs), unwanted breaths
  3. Clipping/crackling (distortions)
  4. Unwanted reverb
  5. Intrusive sounds (a plane passing by or a car horn, etc), lavalier rustle, and more


You contact us via message (not via direct order) and send it to us (a sample or the entire file audio file), explaining what you wish to have repaired.


We will analyze the file for free, and tell you if the restoration is indeed feasible, offering you a Free sample.


After we decide to move forward, We will meticulously process the entire audio file by means of spectral editing and sound filtering (using the industry-standard iZotope RX8 Advanced and a host of other VST plugins) and deliver it to you in the format of your choosing. ?

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