I will build amazing marketing strategy plan


Sam, we need a short description here.


Hi, I’m Marina. We provide clients with the strategic support needed for a thriving business.

Questions we deal with:
Are you planning to start a business?
Your business stopped growing after a few years?
Your ads aren’t generating sales?
Are you a startup looking to impress an investor?
We got you covered with:
I. Marketing Plan Template
Get ‘do-it-yourself’ plan with instructions from Baslin’s experts.


II. Marketing Strategy
If you are not getting results you want. We’ll be setting the direction of a product/service.
Develop the strategy tailored to a specific goal.
We strengthen the strategy with:
  • Credible market research
  • Audience insights
  • Ensuring your brand is strong and stands out with the right positioning

III. Marketing Plan

A comprehensive marketing plan guides you through the marketing process step by step. Tactical in nature. Developed to carry out the overall strategy.


Marina Baslina is an internationally recognized marketing consultant. BASLIN’s founder. Marathon runner. Clients: UNICEF, Red Bull, Bayer, SpreadShirt.

*Please read the FAQ and contact us before ordering*

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