I will be your virtual assistant for data entry and web research


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We are a seasoned Virtual Assistant and pride ourselves on not just carrying out the task at hand but understanding the processes and investigating how these can be made more efficient with the up to date techniques and methods in services like Data Entry, Web Research, Data Mining.

Below are the services  which I offer in this services of web research and data entry:
1. Copy Pasting and data entry
2. Manual Typing/ Data Entry
3. Internet Research
4. Data Entry
5. Data Mining
6. Email Cleaning/ Data Entry
7. General Assistant Tasks
8. Web Research
9. Virtual Assistance
10. Data entry from a large directory
11. Data entry from scanned files
12. Web research on market
13. Flexible Virtual assistant
14. Web research on any topic
15. Date sourcing
16. Web research on companies
17. Data processing
18. Data Cleansing
19. Web research and scraping
20. Data Capture and web research
21. Database and Address Validation
22. Anything related to web research and data entry

We are available anytime to discuss the project and help you to choose a suitable package for data entry and web research.

For large projects, you can have a quick test with the basic package.

We will be more than happy to assist you and understand if you have a unique requirement.

Thank you.

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