I will be your powerful male pop rock metal edm singer, vocals


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We are a professional male Session Singer, Musician, Songwriter, topliner, and Sound Engineer, with over 15 years experience in vocals recording and composing music, with more than 400 satisfied customers, specialized in clean, scream/growls vocals for:

  1. Pop
  2. Rock
  3. Hard Rock
  4. Metal (Clean,scream,growl)

Death-Power-Metalcore-Djent-Swedish-Hardcore-Sludge-Stoner-Thrash-black metal

Check out our Portfolio to choose your favorite tone:


  1. High quality raw multitrack files (Edited)
  2. Processed vocals mixed with fx
  3. Topline (Vocal Melody)

We record with high-end gears in a pro recording studio.

Radio-ready quality

We love to sing and we would love to help you with our vocal talent and unique and versatile tone!!


  1. Original video

We can be your vocalist also for:

  1. Edm
  2. Blues
  3. Rap
  4. Punk
  5. Reggae
  6. Indie
  7. Disco
  8. Hip Hop
  9. Techno
  10. Dance
  11. House
  12. Commercial Jingle
  13. Kids (Children/Disney/Cartoon)
  14. Anime
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