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Who we are-

We are an experienced digital marketing and growth hacking firm that has worked with over 70 different clients promoting over 4.5m conversions. Our strategies are tailored to each client raising the bar for marketing services and lowering acquisition costs across the board.

What we offer-

  1. Initial planning- We start by completing a marketing audit, reviewing your and your competitor’s current marketing strategies and campaigns.
  2. Strategic Campaign Creation- After creating and confirming an execution plan we will create hypotheses including different variables, visual content, ad copy, and unique audiences. We will produce the matchups that produce the most favorably with your audience to garner the cheapest acquisition cost possible.
  3. Monthly Optimization and Management- We will manage campaigns daily tweaking ad sets and ads to optimize results and finding opportunities to reduce using hyper-targeted audiences. Weekly review of the campaign with an explanation of what’s working and why.


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