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Sam, we need a short description here.

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I am a music producer / audio engineer with 10 years of experience. I offer my professional audio engineering services for the lowest price for that professional quality you are looking for. I have a trained ear for audio perfection that can guarantee I will be your go-to Audio Engineer. My goal is to create a long term business relationship with all artists with whom I work with. I will deliver in 1-2 days at most.


What I need from you:

Audio stems of song you wish to have mixed. Absolutely NO effects on any of the tracks, especially the master track including EQ, Compression, Limiting, etc. That’s it. Just leave the magic to me.


What I need from you:

WAV audio file of the song you wish to have mastered. No effects on the master track before sending especially Limiter! Make sure it is a 24bit or 32bit file with enough headroom (at least -6dB).

Mastering includes surgical EQ, Compression/Multiband Compression, Harmonic Saturation, Stereo Widening, and Limiting.

When Finished:

I will send you your finished track in a WAV 44.1 kHz or Mp3 320 Kbps audio format (your choice).


This $5 gig is for Mastering. If you need Mixing prices, see below.


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