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With all the buzz about crowdfunding sites lately – places like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and more – it seems like all you’d need to raise money is a good idea, right? 


Running a successful crowdfunding campaign goes far beyond having a good idea (which is important), attractive photos (also key), and a great video (which is crucial).

In fact, without having a watertight strategy, a script that connects with your target customer, and a well-executed rewards structure, countless crowdfunding campaigns for amazing products are doomed right out of the gate. 

That’s why I created this gig. 

For this Fiverr-exclusive offer, I’ll offer my proven expertise in script-writing, marketing, and crowdfunding strategy to help you ensure that your campaign is a success.

My services begin with providing a basic review of your crowdfunding materials, with further involvement varying by package level. I also offer high-end, done-for-you crowdfunding services by application only (message for more details). 

Don’t let your amazing product idea fail due to a flawed approach to crowdfunding. Work with me today – and let’s make your dreams a reality.

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