I will be your audio mixing, mastering engineer


Sam, we need a short description here.

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Basic – So you’ve got an instrumental you produced and it needs to knock in the club and sound great on a phone speaker. The track deserves to really shine. Let’s Do This!

Standard – You have an instrumental you recorded vocals to. You need them to sit in the mix and the beat to hit hard. This is the deal for you!

Premium –  You’ve produced and written a song and need your mix to really bump and your vocal to be crisp and clear to get your message across. I’ll give you an outstanding mix, then master it up to level ensuring everyone will want to listen to your NEXT BIG HIT!


  1. contact us before buying it. You could save money by getting a tailored offer
  2. Audio files must be WAV or AIFF
  3. mixed songs must have at least -5db headroom to be mastered
  4. all files for mixing MUST BE STEMS
  5. Reference mixes are very welcome
  6. Files must be properly labeled
  7. Please provide ISRC, Links, and thumbnail if you want Metadata adding to your master
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