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You are running Google Adwords or Bing Ads PPC campaigns but they aren’t working as good as they are supposed to? Let us take a look inside your account and see what’s going on there.

Why choose us?

We have 7 years of experience in online marketing with a special focus on PPC campaigns. We have worked with more than 250 AdWords & Bing accounts so far, helping our customers improve their Google Ads accounts performance significantly. We have worked mostly with SME/SMB’s but also with larger businesses with budgets from $500 up to $100.000 per month.

What you’ll get?

With our gig, you’ll receive PDF-report with screenshots based on YOUR campaigns. You can check the preview of audit (for our personal campaigns) in our gallery.

We are checking:

  1. Conversion tracking;
  2. Quality Score issues;
  3. Negative keywords;
  4. Ads, keywords, landing page relevancy;
  5. Extensions (call, sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets);
  6. Geotargeting;
  7. Ad schedule;
  8. Dimensions;
  9. Linking AdWords with Analytics;

Need something else? Share more details with us and we will send you a custom offer.

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