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Get expert help in determining the SEO problem areas on your site.

As a VIP contributor to Search Engine Journal, we are no stranger to digging into the data and figuring out what tactics can help a website top rankings in a relevant search. With a background in web development, we are constantly experimenting to find the right mix for ourselves and clients.

There are 3 different packages to choose from, depending on how much help you need to resolve your website’s SEO issues:

  1. Basic: We will run your URL & any other relevant data through my favorite paid audit tool. We will deliver a detailed report with suggestions and explanations, including our recommendations for what to act on first to make the biggest impact.
  2. Standard: If Search Engine Optimization is confusing to you, book time to walk through report recommendations on a video chat. We will answer any questions you have while breaking down confusing concepts.
  3. Premium: Based on report findings, we will optimize 5 pages of your WordPress website for technical and onsite best practices.

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