I will as a professional audio engineer mix and master your tracks


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This is the gig that will make your songs sound Radio Ready and able to compete with the mainstream songs that are in the industry.

With 10 years of experience in the game, working with numerous professional artists and by being signed to major labels as an audio engineer, we will without a doubt help make your songs reach their fullest potential.

Mixing and Mastering Gig Provides:

  1. High-quality compression (Also includes analog gear)
  2. EQ (Also includes analog gear)
  3. Level balancing
  4. Multiband compression
  5. Stereo panning
  6. Saturation
  7. Writing automation (volume, reverb/delay sends, etc.)
  8. Special effects such as delays, reverbs, pitch-shifting, and more.
  9. Autotune or pitch correction (if needed)
  10. Radio Ready mastering

Equipment and Gear:


  1. Yamaha HS8
  2. Apollo Twin X
  3. PreSonus HP4
  4. Focusrite 6 USB
  5. Beyerdynamic dt 770 (80, 250 ohm)


  1. Waves Mercury
  2. Antares AutoTune Pro
  3. Fabfilter Total Bundle
  4. Izotope Complete Bundle
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Mastering Only, Mixing and Mastering (10 stems), Mixing and Mastering (20 stems)

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