I will add html graphs and charts to your web analytics dashboard


Sam, we need a short description here.

You need to add or customize your dashboard with the latest graphs and charts then you’ve come to the right place.
  1. We are Growthworx and we have been doing Web Development for over 2 years now with experience in all web development frameworks like ASP.NET, React, Angular, etc.
  2. We can create HTML Graphs, Charts, or whole web dashboard site for Key performance indicators with the data analytics.
As part of my service, you can expect the following:
  1. All the source code.
  2. Creating or updating the Dashboard with the data influx from a source.
  3. Write API to interact with the database(Optional and upon request).
We will need the specifications for the work you want us to get done. The price mentioned may vary based on the type of work needed.
So what are you waiting for, We are the right choice you can get.
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