Fix your wordpress, php, html, jquery, css, database errors and provide detailed code comments


Fix any type of bugs in your Websites
✔️Bug Investigation
✔️Detailed Code Comments


Are you facing problems regarding styling and coding your database/website? Are you tired of spending hours upon hours updating your tables and manually fixing bugs and errors on your databases?

Time is the most valuable asset one has in the fast paced, hectic routines of the modern day and age. Why not hire Growthworx’s full stack and front-end web developers to help you keep a hold of and save this valuable asset?

While you build yourself a great website and database, let deal with maintenance and bugs.

Our team of professionals can handle all the WordPress, HTML, PHP, jQuery, and CSS related issues.


What Are Bugs and Why Do They Occur?

Software bugs are errors, flaws, or faults in computer program. These can become very problematic because they produce wrong and unintended results. In simple words – a glitch in a system.

They occur because of errors made in either the computer program’s design, or source code. The good news is: They can be fixed easily by professionals who are skilled in programming, like those in Growthworx!


Fumigate Your Software Bugs with Growthworx

Our team is always available to help you complete your website and fix any errors with full zeal and concentration.

We offer many packages to help your website and database be as efficient and smooth as possible, as follows:

  1. Bug Investigation: Here we will fix one simple bug for you; and
  2. Detailed Code Comments: From small sized script to medium sized script, we can code it all for you.

If you are unsure of what plan is suitable for your request, we’ll help you decide. If you think you require something else along the same lines, we even offer customizable plans, all fixed to your needs.

Note: If you opt for the basic bug investigation, you will have to provide the script less than fifty lines of code, that contains a single bug.

Our Offerings

From fixing database errors to providing detailed cod comments, and all that in between, we offer it all.

  • Fixing any kind of WordPress errors;
  • Fix PHP errors and bugs;
  • Correcting HTML error;
  • Amend jQuery issues;
  • Fix all CSS bugs;
  • Fix Laravel errors;
  • Performing theme customizations;
  • Coding Issue;
  • Custom Plug-In Issue;
  • Website Responsiveness Issue;
  • Check Browser Capability; and
  • Fix Cross-Browser problems.

Just tell us what bug you see, and we’ll fix it right up!

Growthworx: Your One-Stop Solution

Priding ourselves on impeccable customer service, we ask you to expect nothing less than an outstanding delivery.

When you hire us, we will thoroughly communicate with you to ensure you remain updated throughout the process. Our professional web developers will understand all your requirements and bring forth suggestions on top of that to help you reach your best. Providing you with unlimited revisions, the end product will be exactly what you had in mind.

Don’t miss out on receiving high-quality services and get in touch with our programming engineers right now.

Contact us!

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