Fix your Instagram shopping and product tagging issues via a screen share meeting (excludes Instagram internal errors)


Screen-Share meeting if you are not comfortable in sharing accesses of your accounts

This gig will help in approving the Instagram shopping and product tagging feature.

Instagram Shopping and Product Tagging turns your normal profile into a shop. It makes it easy for the users to check the products and directly go to the website product page to place an order.

Instagram shopping feature involves many dynamic factors to get approved and work properly. One wrong configuration or incompliance of content can get the account disapproved for this feature.

We have helped hundreds of businesses to get this feature and also fixed their issues.

We have integrated this feature for hundreds of our clients and helped them increase their sales exponentially.

Shopping on Instagram accomplishes one of the most critical tasks in improving e-commerce performance: it makes it easier to buy. With one click, our audience can go directly to the product page and add to their basket. Reducing search time and clicks improve conversion and revenue.

Let’s get the shopping feature activated on your Insta profile.

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