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“404 not found” sucks when browsing a website.

404 error: what does it mean and what is it used for?

It must have happened to you like this: you click on a link and it automatically redirects you to a page that displays a message saying that the requested content is not available, often as “404 Not Found” or “404 page not found”. The 404 error is an HTTP status code sent from the webserver to the browser. For this, the browser displays the code as an error page.

Fix 404 not found broken links of your website 1
404 not found broken link

The link that leads to this page is called a “dead link” or a “broken link”. The HTTP 404 status code is often abbreviated as “Error 404”, “404 Error”,”HTTP 404″, or “404 Code”. In this service, Growthworx will fix 404 pages for your website.

The 404 error can affect the ranking and reputation of a website

Google, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines rate the 404 error as something particularly negative, especially when a web page has many. If they come across multiple HTTP 404 codes, search engine crawlers conclude that the web is not being maintained. Broken links have a negative impact on the ranking of the page since websites with many 404 error pages lose their positioning in the results pages and may even stop being indexed. This can lead to a considerable drop in the number of visitors.

Fix 404 not found broken links of your website 2
Lots of 404 not found broken links in a website – report from Ahref

Google bot excludes 404 not found broken links. And this can be a reason for losing visitors and revenue. For example, someone goes to a product page of your website and he/she gets a 404 not found error, he/she will no more purchase it. And even most website owners are not aware of it.

Fix 404 not found broken links of your website 3
404 not found broken links excluded by Google

Read what Neil Patel says about 404 broken links.

And this is where the Growthworx website developer comes to you. Our professional website developers will help you to fix 404 error broken links. Place an order now. Contact us today.

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