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In today’s technologically advanced era, all businesses, whether small or large, need to evolve and push their company forward. After all, staying competitive is the key to success.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Ms. Excel has become a major component of most businesses – if not all!

Is your business one of them? Read ahead!

Excel Your Business with Microsoft Excel

Ever since it was launched back in 1985, Microsoft Excel is renowned for being the leading business software for spreadsheets.

It allows users to:

  • Organize,
  • Calculate, and
  • Evaluate quantitative data

Thus, Ms. Excel is the one-stop for managers and executives to have all the information they need to make crucial business decisions. What more could you need, right?

Irrelevant Details Could Negatively Impact your Business Tactics

Well, when you integrate Microsoft Excel with your business, most of the you get thrown a lot of data that is irrelevant to your business strategy. This could include data or downloads from:

  1. External accounting systems;
  2. Company Resource Planning (CRM) software; or
  3. Company servers.

The problem with this is that this is data you either don’t need or isn’t imported in an Excel-friendly format.

This is where Growthworx steps in!

Our team of professional computer and data engineers will clean and organize the data for you in an error free way! You can count on us to help you make sense of the data being hoarded on your spreadsheets.

Let Growthworx Do the Difficult Work for You

Data forms the backbone of any analysis a business does via Excel and cleaning it is a vital activity. It is inevitable and unavoidable. When compiling data, anything can go wrong, such as:

  1. Structure;
  2. Placement;
  3. Extra spaces; or
  4. Formatting, and much more.

This is why at Growthworx, we want to make your business operations easier by helping you organize your data in the most effective manner.

What Does Growthworx Do?

Our talented data engineers are skilled in reading Excel information like no other, and they will clean or organize your data exactly how you need.

  1. Cleaning & Proper Formatting – This will help you understand the data much more easily with the help of bold headings, borders, and highlight, etc.
  2. Data Cleanup – From CRM, company servers and databases, and external accounting systems.
  3. Excel data cleaning – This will remove any and every duplicate within your data such as names, addresses and emails.
  4. Sorting Data – Removing unnecessary data.
  5. Copy Data – From different sheets to one Master Sheet to allow ease of access.
  6. Collecting and Classifying Data – Taking data from web directories or PDF and converting them to Microsoft Excel sheets, and then merging relating data from multiple workbooks/sheets or columns to help understand and compare the information better.


Data Cleaning Made Convenient for You!

Growthworx prides itself on reliability, quick deliveries, and 100% customer satisfaction.

If you are a business or an individual having to deal with an abundance of data every day; allow the professionals at Growthworx to take over your worries.

While we sift through, organize, and manage your spreadsheets, you can sit back and relax for your work is in the hands of a team with an extensive experience in the field, and countless positive testimonials.

Contact us today for efficient data cleaning in Ms. Excel!

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