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7 Hours Professionally Any Type of Data Entry Work.
✔️7 Hours of Work
✔️Formatting & Clean Up
✔️Graph or Table Creation


The world is revolving around data and companies are trying to base their operations on it.

Data is useful, but only when it’s organized!


Keeping logs for purchases, sales, and customer information every day is no easy task.

It can be so much work to enter all the data and keep updating it to make a database you can always rely upon.

To make your life easier, Growthworx professionals, get the data entered and prepare the analysis you need!


Effective Data Entry To Save Your Time

Data entry is so much more than just copy-pasting or typing the data in excel.

It is so important to add the correct data because the data will be used by managers to make decisions. Accuracy is key!

Adding the correct data is just the first step, sorting the data in a manner that is helpful for the employees to find what they’re looking for is just as essential.

At Growthworx, we realize the importance of adding the correct information, sorting, and editing the data. Thus, this team of professionals will provide you with a database that will make your work easier.


A Matter of 7 Hours

With all the various forms and formats of information, data entry into Excel can take up a lot of your time.

But if you hand over your data to us for 7 seven hours, we’ll get more than just the basics done. Growthworx ensures all the formats are in line with your requirements and there is no irrelevant or ‘noisy’ information.

Plus, we provide the charts and graphs to give the best representation of your data and make it easily comprehendible.

How do we do this in such limited time? It’s because our team knows its way around the wide array of functions and formulas excel has to offer.

These powerful tools are not only shortcuts but also an efficient way to maintain the accuracy of data.


Wide Range Of Services

With our diverse team, we can complete any type of project. It can be as simple as data typing into excel or conducting a data analysis so you can understand the data more clearly!

Our services include:

  1. Research and Data finding through the internet, which contains finding emails, phone numbers, website URL, etc.
  2. Converting PDFs into Excel and Word documents
  3. Manual typing of data
  4. Sorting and editing data
  5. Creating charts and tables
  6. Compiling business cards data in excel
  7. Data Analysis

There are unlimited ways you can put Excel to use for your data and Growthworx can help you in all of them!



Benefit from all the advantages of Excel without having to put in the long hours. Relax and leave the data entry to us, and you won’t be disappointed!

If you have any queries or want to discuss a project, contact us now! Don’t forget, 7 hours is all we need, and all your work is done.

Don’t miss out!

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