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5 Hours Professionally Any Type of Data Entry Work.
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Microsoft Excel is a perfect tool to compile and store all your data in the form of spreadsheets. You can keep track of your records, which then help create detailed reports and analyze your data.

At the same time, data entry in Excel can be a tedious task, and you have to very careful to keep information free from errors.

Growthworx makes data entry in Excel a breeze for you by ensuring quick and efficient transfer of your data without any hassles.

Benefits of Data Entry with Growthworx


  • All the time and hassle you will save in manually entering the data on Excel, you can utilize productively elsewhere.
  • Once you hand over your data to Growthworx, our highly skilled team is assigned the job. We have a proficient system to ensure that the correct data is grouped.
  • For an affordable cost, you can hire us to improve the organization of your information.
  • Creating data analysis reports from the information you provide us is the best tool for you. These reports will give you an efficient breakdown of any improvements or changes you wish to make in your system.
  • For example, if you are a company with a certain number of employees, and provide us data about their projects. After our data analysis and reporting, you will be able to judge each employee’s productivity correctly.
  • Our employees offer you a great deal of flexibility and will ensure your utmost satisfaction. Any revisions, changes, or additions you want to make are always welcome!


How Growthworx Ensures Data Entry Is Done Right?


  • Manual Typing

The most basic form of data entry into Excel, manual typing is also the most time-consuming and error prone.

However, at Growthworx are experts are skilled in inserting tons of information into Excel whether they have to use hand-written documents or printed documents. They maintain the highest possible accuracy in the process.

  • Internet Research

If you want data from the internet such as emails or addresses conveniently compiled into an Excel workbook, you don’t even have to research the data yourself.

Let us know what you’re looking for and we will gather all the data you need.   

  • PDF to Excel

Sometimes, you have all the information but converting into the Excel format is often a tricky task. Don’t worry, with our expertise in dealing and converting to and from multiple formats, we ensure no data is lost in the transfer.

  • Copy/Paste Tasks

Copy and pasting in Excel isn’t always as simple as it may sound. Growthworx ensures the format of the data remains intact while any unnecessary information is filtered out.

  • Data Capturing

Growthworx also incorporates modern softwares and devices to make data entry smooth and easy. We can identify information from various documents and automatically enter it into the workbook!




Gone are the times where you had piles and piles of archives with your data. Now, with the benefits of software like Excel, you can store unlimited knowledge for free!

More so, it is assuring for you to know that companies like Growthworx care deeply about their clients and only want your well-being.

So what’s the wait? Contact us now!

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