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3 Hours Professionally Any Type of Data Entry Work
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Excel is a powerful tool for storing, representing, and manipulating data. Almost every organization makes use of it in some way or the other.

But given its wide range of functionality, Excel isn’t the easiest software to navigate through. If you are not aware of its never-ending list of formulas and shortcuts, you might find the data entry part especially tedious.

That’s where we come in. Growthworx promises to enter your data into Excel bearing in mind all your requirements.

The Data Sources

You can present your data to us in any form — whether it is a typed document, handwritten pages, or web file — our experts are equally skillful in handling them all.

You need not even directly provide us with the data. We can also capture data from the web. For example, the following types of information we can gather in excel for you:

  • Email
  • Phone Numbers
  • Websites Links

This way we save you completely from the painstaking task of collecting and entering data altogether!

Organizing The Right Way

It’s important to ensure the data you are dealing with is accurate and free of errors. At Growthworx, we’ll see to it that no error is made while your data is transferred to excel and all pieces of information are intact.

Moreover, Excel has countless customizable options that allow you to represent your data in almost every way you want. However, that makes it even easier to make a slight mistake and complicate the data.

That is why we pay special attention to the formatting of the data that is the same as you have asked. We can also suggest the best ways for entering your data into excel.

Visual Representation of Data

The best way to display or summarize your data is in the form of charts and graphs. From line graphs to show your progress reports to bar charts displaying your quarterly revenues, Growthworx understands data representation to the fullest.

We also make sure the visuals are simple enough to interpret while staying in line with your requirements and preferred formats.

3 Hours of Non-Stop Data Entry

For someone not well-versed with Excel, three hours can be very long and hardly productive.

However, at Growthworx, 3 hours is sufficient amount of time to transfer large chunks of data to Excel with the help of experienced staff and knowledge of multiples shortcuts.

We make every single one of the 180 minutes count through effective and swift data entry while guaranteeing no hasty errors are made. You’ll be surprised how much work we’ll get done for you during this time.

Growthworx is Going to Organize Your Data the Right Way

Excel is a must-use tool for you if you wish to organize and represent your data. Don’t worry about having to enter tons of information in it. Leave the job to Growthworx, while you focus on how you can use the data in Excel to benefit your work.

Contact us now and let us start your organizing journey at Growthworx.

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